An interview with Americas top fitness and health blogger!

19 sep

Jeg har virkelig glædet mig til at dele dette fantastiske interview med smukke og seje Lauryn Evarts fra The Skinny Confidential. Hun har om nogen styr på effektive workouts, sund kost og velvære, og så er hun bare helt vildt inspirerende. Hun er både pilatesinstruktør, model og en af USA’s største health and fitness blogger. I finder hendes motiverende blog lige her!


Tell us about yourself, your career and blog?

My name is Lauryn. I am from Southern California & I run the blog The Skinny Confidential. My blog is all about a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about fitness tips, diet tricks, fashion, relationships, recipe substitutions, & everything in between. The blog focuses on balancing it all while staying fit & fab!

Have you always been into healthy eating and working out?

I have always eaten healthy and worked out. However in the past five years, I took eating clean to different level. The worst thing is a food hangover – I like to fuel my body with healthy foods & sweat!

Weekly workout routine?

I love to mix it up. Pilates one day, cardio the next, two times a week strength training, maybe a spin class & I love to hike with a girlfriend!

You are in such a good shape, what’s the secret?

Honestly, moderation, moderation, moderation! I don’t obsess over food. If my body is craving something, I’ll have a little and move on.

Do you still model or is the blog your fulltime job?

I still do print work, but not as much as I used to model. I like modeling, but I LOVE blogging. Blogging is my passion! I will continue to model while I run the blog. It can be a fun hobby.

What’s the biggest thing that has happened in relation to your blog?

Helping girls/women feel better about themselves. I like to show women easy tips & tricks, that are realistic. The support from my readers is also amazing too!

Favorite healthy meal?

For a healthy snack I dip green grapes in hummus. For a healthy meal, I love two scrambled eggs over a bed of arugula with a side of cottage cheese and white peaches! Yum!

How do you stay motivated?

Motivation can be hard on a lazy Sunday…but after I complete a workout I always feel better. Never worse. During the week, working out has become a habit; it’s like brushing my teeth! I just do it 😉

Motivation tip to our readers?

Don’t feel bad if you’re not seeing instant results. Be realistic. Keep at it. Eventually you’ll feel better AND look better. Be patient!

Favorite workout music?

Definitely house music. I love Swedish House Mafia, Kaskade, Empire of the Sun, Madeon, & Sebastian Ingrosso. Check my favorite workout playlists here, here, & here.

Do you ever eat unhealthy food and drink alcohol? And if so do you feel guilty afterwards or enjoy the moment?

Yes. I love wine, key lime ice cream, & cranberry oatmeal cookies. I don’t eat and drink every day. I mix it up. I try to drink three days a week. If i’m drinking it’s vodka/water (not soda, because I find it bloating), Pinot grigio, & tequila w/ fresh lime & lemon. For a quick, healthier sweet treat I’ll do oatmeal, dark chocolate, & soy nut butter (find the recipe here) or dark chocolate dipped low-sodium pretzels (recipe found here).

Best tip to stay fit?

Eat right 85% of the time. Work out. Drink water.

Why should one do Pilates? What are the pros?

I am literally obsessed with Pilates. It’s amazing because it stretches your body, so it’s lengthening the bod, while toning it. Victoria’s Secret models do it. I love those long, lean abs. Pilates has changed my life. I also teach Pilates (information found here).

Which blogs do you read when you are in need of inspiration?

FitforLivin ; ) I also love, Undressed Skeleton & Blogilates.


14 kommentarer to “An interview with Americas top fitness and health blogger!”

  1. bestforminc 29. april 2013 hos 07:20 #

    Hi, You explained the topic very well. The contents has provided meaningful information thanks for sharing info

  2. Ayse Özden 30. september 2012 hos 13:21 #

    Tak for en herlig og inspirerende blog – bliv endelig ved med skrive en masse 🙂

    • Fit For Livin 30. september 2012 hos 19:24 #

      Tusind tak, vi er glade for du kan blive inspireret herinde 🙂

  3. FitPetros 20. september 2012 hos 14:51 #

    Ih, hendes blog er super skøn! Jeg har læst den længe, og er inde og tjekke hver dag 🙂 Jeg syntes helt klart også, at der skal være flere af disse indlæg 😀

    • Fit For Livin 21. september 2012 hos 07:06 #

      Hendes blog er nemlig super skøn 🙂 Og fedt du kun lide indlægget, så vil jeg prøve at lave flere 🙂

  4. maluejohanneamelia 19. september 2012 hos 21:33 #

    Virkelig fedt indlæg, og hvor er hun dog smuk! Flere interviews som disse tak 😀

    • Fit For Livin 19. september 2012 hos 21:38 #

      Hun er super smuk 🙂 Og fedt du kunne lide det, vil klart komme interviews med “kendte” bloggere flere hen af vejen 🙂

  5. Christine Bonde 19. september 2012 hos 20:38 #

    Feeeeedt 🙂 De blogs hun nævner er faktisk også blandt dem jeg tjekker hver dag!

    • Fit For Livin 19. september 2012 hos 21:36 #

      Jeg elsker også de nævnte blogs, dog har jeg ikke brugt Blogilates så meget, men det må klart have været en fejl 🙂

  6. fit,healthy and happy 19. september 2012 hos 19:13 #

    Hvor er det et godt interview! Jeg elsker simpelthen hendes blog, og jeg læser den dagligt 🙂

    • Fit For Livin 19. september 2012 hos 21:36 #

      Fedt du kun li’ det 🙂 Jeg elsker også hendes blog.

  7. fitandfashion 19. september 2012 hos 18:27 #

    Super inspirerende. Følger både hendes og jeres blog så det er sjovt når de to mødes 🙂

    • Fit For Livin 19. september 2012 hos 21:36 #

      Hun er SÅ inspirerende!

      • Lauryn Evarts 21. september 2012 hos 20:54 #

        THANK YOU ALL : )

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