Slimmer in an instant!

17 aug

It’s all about posture!


7 kommentarer to “Slimmer in an instant!”

  1. Steffi 19. august 2012 hos 10:12 #

    Thank you. ❤ The links will definitely be helpful! Have a great day xx

    x Steffi

  2. Amalie 17. august 2012 hos 17:31 #

    Det er virkelig rigtigt – en dårlig holdning er roden til alt ondt – også ryg/nakkeproblemer!

    • Fit For Livin 18. august 2012 hos 07:34 #

      Så rigtigt! En dårlig holdning er bare ikke godt hverken æstetisk eller for ens sundhed, kender det for mig selv. Så jeg prøver at tænke “posture” hele tiden 🙂

  3. Steffi 17. august 2012 hos 13:46 #

    Hello! Your blog is very inspirational and one of the best, indeed. I was just wondering a little bit about your sources. Where do you get most of your inspirational pics for example? 🙂

    x Steffi

    • Fit For Livin 18. august 2012 hos 07:33 #

      Thank you so much 🙂 Actually I also follow you. I find allt the inspirering pictures via Tumblr. My favourites are and Then I just start browsing their favourtires and hours go by 🙂

      • Steffi 18. august 2012 hos 14:05 #

        How amazing that you follow me! I am honored and humble about that 🙂 Thanks for the sources, I think I will check those websites out as well. You seem to find pics that are right on the spot. You and your man are such an inspirational fit couple. Good luck with everything!

        x Steffi

      • Fit For Livin 18. august 2012 hos 17:52 #

        I really like your blog, so off course I follow you 🙂 I hope you can use the links and will find a lot of motivating pictures that suits you. And thank you for your sweet comment 🙂

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